List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 115
Killed: 647
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2019-07-16AfghanistanKhakrez1134Seven children are among eleven Sufi pilgrims sent straight to Allah by Sunni bombers.
2 2019-07-15AfghanistanKhanabad20Two children are vaporized by fundamentalist bombers.
3 2019-07-15AfghanistanKhakrez934Terrorists take down nine civilians.
4 2019-07-14SyriaAleppo68Rockets fired by Jihadists take out a half-dozen civilians.
5 2019-07-13AfghanistanGozargah-e-Noor52Five local cops are brutally murdered by the Taliban while on patrol.
6 2019-07-13AfghanistanJalalabad12One Afghan is blown to shreds by Taliban shrapnel.
7 2019-07-13AfghanistanQala-e-Naw310Religious radicals attack a hotel and kill three guards.
8 2019-07-13DRCMukilia20Suspected ADF kill two medical workers.
9 2019-07-12AfghanistanPachiragam912A child suicide bomber is sent into a wedding, obliterating nine guests.
10 2019-07-12SomaliaKismayo2656A suicide bomb blast followed by a Fedayeen assualt on a hotel leaves two dozen dead.
11 2019-07-12NigeriaOndo10A young woman is shot to death by Fulani mercenaries.
12 2019-07-12AfghanistanPaktia10A journalist is abducted and killed by suspected Haqqani.
13 2019-07-11LibyaBenghazi511Car bombs targeting a funeral leave five dead.
14 2019-07-11IraqQirun180Eighteen victims of ISIS genocide are discovered in a mass grave.
15 2019-07-11SyriaQamishli011A suicide bomber detonates outside a church.
16 2019-07-10SyriaDablan70Seven civilians are neatly dispatched by ISIS explosives.
17 2019-07-10SyriaSuqaylabiyah22An al-Nusra rocket claims two civilians.
18 2019-07-10SyriaLatakia30Sunni militants sent shells into a village, killing three residents.
19 2019-07-10IraqDomiz21The Islamic State is suspected of a bomb blast that leaves two dead.
20 2019-07-09IraqShirqat24First responders to the site of an early blast are killed in a targeted mortar attack.
21 2019-07-09SyriaJabal al-Zawiyah36A Sunni group sends shells into a small town, killing three residents.
22 2019-07-09PakistanPehalwan Goth21Islamic militants send bullets into a tea shop, killing two patrons.
23 2019-07-09SyriaQarzheil10A Sunni explosive kills a civilian bystander.
24 2019-07-09IraqShirqat10A civilian lining up for drinking water is aerated by ISIS shrapnel.
25 2019-07-08SomaliaMogadishu218Two people are killed when a Fedayeen suicide car bomb goes off.
26 2019-07-08SomaliaJamame10A teen is stoned to death for adultery.
27 2019-07-08SomaliaMogadishu54Three civilians are among five killed when al-Shabaab open fire on a crowded street.
28 2019-07-08AfghanistanPul-e-Khurmi48Four Afghans are murdered by the Taliban.
29 2019-07-08AfghanistanSahib207An attack by religious radicals leaves twenty dead.
30 2019-07-07IraqMkheisa12A civilian is brought down by Islamic State bullets.
31 2019-07-07SyriaAbu Hammam23A Shahid suicide bomber blows up two civilians.
32 2019-07-07AfghanistanGhazni14180A child is among fourteen killed when a suicide car bomber goes off near a school.
33 2019-07-07ThailandYala21Muslim insurgents shoot two villagers to death.
34 2019-07-07IraqBabel41Four Iraqis are picked off by Mujahid bombers.
35 2019-07-07SomaliaJamame40A woman is among four executed by a Sharia court.
36 2019-07-06SomaliaKurtunwarey30An al-Shabaab firing squad dispatches three captives.
37 2019-07-06SomaliaBuale10Islamists execute a man for sorcery.
38 2019-07-06IraqFallujah21Two Iraqis are murdered by Islamic State radicals.
39 2019-07-06SyriaRaqqa60Six victims of ISIS execution are discovered in a mass grave.
40 2019-07-05AfghanistanGhazni220A Shiite mosque is bombed by the Islamic State, producing two dead worshippers.
41 2019-07-05AfghanistanKhwaja Shabz Posh1439A fundamentalist group sends shells into a local market, killing fourteen patrons.
42 2019-07-05IraqFallujah510Islamic State gunmen smoke five Iraqis.
43 2019-07-05TurkeyReyhanh30A car-bomb kills three people.
44 2019-07-04SyriaJobar13An IED left by a Sunni group kills one civilian.
45 2019-07-04SomaliaSalagle60A half-dozen people are executed by a Sharia court.
46 2019-07-04NigeriaDamboa520A Boko Haram attack on a small village leaves at least five dead.
47 2019-07-03YemenHodeida108Violence by Ansar Allah leaves ten dead.
48 2019-07-03SomaliaHagar40Four people are shot in the back of the head by al-Shabaab.
49 2019-07-03MozambiqueLidjungo73Two children are among seven villagers murdered by Islamic extremists.
50 2019-07-03SyriaQalaat al-Madiq20Two civilians are killed by Al-Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir shells.
51 2019-07-03ThailandYala23Militant Muslims kill two locals with a bomb and shooting attack.
52 2019-07-03SyriaSweida46A booby-trapped motorcycle goes off in a city street, killing four bystanders.
53 2019-07-03IraqWajihiya10A market worker succumbs to splinter injuries following a grenade attack.
54 2019-07-03TunisiaTunis10A bystander dies as a result of a suicide bombing the week before.
55 2019-07-02Saudi ArabiaAdha09Shiite militia send a rocket into an airport.
56 2019-07-02PhilippinesCotabo City10An Islamic is suspected of assassinating an off-duty soldier.
57 2019-07-01NigerInates184Suicide bombers attack a local security camp, killing at least eighteen.
58 2019-07-01AfghanistanKabul6116Dozens of schoolchildren are among the casualties of a suicide blast and ground attack.
59 2019-07-01ChechnyaBamut10A Muslim terrorist kills a police officer.
60 2019-07-01PakistanMultan90Four children are among a family of nine-honor killed.
61 2019-06-30AfghanistanMaruf1927Eight election workers are among nineteen blown to bits by four Fedayeen suicide car bombers.
62 2019-06-30MaliYoro120A baby is among a dozen vaporized by an Islamist landmine.
63 2019-06-29IraqJalawa13A farmer is harvested in his field by Mujahid bombers.
64 2019-06-29PakistanNowshera10A transgender is honor-killed and dumped in a river by a family member.
65 2019-06-29NigeriaGamurai40Boko Haram kill four innocents during a raid on a village.
66 2019-06-29AfghanistanAhmadabad1817The Taliban attack a dam, killing eighteen guards.
67 2019-06-29AfghanistanNahreen268Over two-dozen Afghans are killed in a series of attacks by a group fighting for a Sharia state.
68 2019-06-29AfghanistanTakhta Pol164Sixteen Afghans lose their lives to Islamic terrorists near an airport.
69 2019-06-29AfghanistanBalablok810Fundamentalists fire on a police post, killing eight members.
70 2019-06-28IraqAbbasi21Jihadis kill two civilians and badly injure a child.
71 2019-06-28AfghanistanSamangan414A blast at a rival mosque is among a series of Taliban attacks that leave four dead.
72 2019-06-28AfghanistanDaikundi816Armed fundamentalists attack a checkpoint and kill eight local security personnel.
73 2019-06-28SomaliaToratorow10A 75-year-old man is paraded and executed for violating Islamic rules on marriage.
74 2019-06-28AfghanistanArakosh252Twenty-five civilians are murdered by the Taliban
75 2019-06-28PhilippinesJolo512A woman is among five killed when an Abu Sayyaf suicide bomber self-detonates.
76 2019-06-27TunisiaTunis18Suicide bombers kill a guard outside the French embassy.
77 2019-06-27IraqKhazrajiyah24A woman and her daughter lose their lives when ISIS militants fire into a home.
78 2019-06-27IraqKirkuk124Terrorists hit a passenger bus with a bomb blast, killing a commuter.
79 2019-06-27Burkina FasoBani40Four Christians are executed in cold blood for wearing crosses.
80 2019-06-26TanzaniaItole116Eleven civilians are massacred by Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama.
81 2019-06-26SyriaTabqa30Three people along a city street are aerated by Islamic State shrapnel.
82 2019-06-26SyriaKarnaz10Sunni militants send a missile into a residential area, tearing a small girl to shreds.
83 2019-06-26IraqRashad50Islamic State bombers turn five Iraqis into pulp.
84 2019-06-26AfghanistanQadir Shah20Two people are brought down by Taliban shrapnel.
85 2019-06-26EgyptArish70A suicide attack on a group of police leaves seven dead.
86 2019-06-26PakistanLoralai11Suicide bombers storm a police station, but manage to kill only one other person.
87 2019-06-25NigeriaKoton-Karfe70Miyetti Allah sympathists pour machine-gun fire into a village, killing seven residents.
88 2019-06-25IraqHabat40Four Iraqis are laid out by Islamic State bombers.
89 2019-06-25PakistanLyari20A young couple is honor-killed by family for marrying by choice.
90 2019-06-25AfghanistanGolran816Coordinated Taliban attacks on a district center claim eight lives.
91 2019-06-25PakistanNowshera24Religious radicals fire on a car, killing two occupants.
92 2019-06-25AfghanistanPul-e-Alam20Two local engineers are butchered by the Taliban.
93 2019-06-24NigeriaGuzamala90A brutal attack by Islamic extremists on a village leaves nine dead.
94 2019-06-24NigeriaMafa13Boko Haram Islamists murder a village guard.
95 2019-06-24Burkina FasoArbinda20Two guards for a food and water convoy are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
96 2019-06-24NigeriaNgamngam200Boko Haram slaughter twenty farmers on their way to work in the fields.
97 2019-06-24IraqWardiya30Three civilians are smoked by ISIS gunmen.
98 2019-06-23AfghanistanKhastak50A family of five is gunned down in cold blood by the Taliban.
99 2019-06-23ChechnyaGrozny02A Jihadi stabs two people.
100 2019-06-22Burkina FasoToekodogo20Two villagers are murdered by Islamic terrorists.
101 2019-06-22IraqMuqdadiya10Terrorists open fire on a farmer in his field.
102 2019-06-22Burkina FasoSagho130Jihadists invade a village, set fire to homes and leave thirteen dead.
103 2019-06-21IraqMosul13A bomb planted by ISIS near a cemetery claims the life of a little girl.
104 2019-06-21IraqAdhba290A mass grave is discovered, containing twenty-nine victims of Islamic State execution.
105 2019-06-21ChadMbomouga116Boko Haram stage a cross-border attack, killing eleven security personnel.
106 2019-06-21IraqBaghdad720A suicide blast at a Shiite mosque during Friday prayers scatters body parts.
107 2019-06-21SyriaTellat al-Ansar10A civilian wanders into an ISIS booby-trap.
108 2019-06-21YemenHadramawt34al-Qaeda gunmen pump automatic weapons fire into a checkpoint, killing three.
109 2019-06-20AfghanistanBarmal40Four people are shot to death by the Taliban.
110 2019-06-20AfghanistanJalalabad216Jihadis plant a bomb in a Toyota, killing two bystanders.
111 2019-06-20SyriaAfrin10A civilian is leveled by a Shahid suicide bomber.
112 2019-06-20SyriaRaqqa30Three women are discovered after having been stoned to death.
113 2019-06-19Burkina FasoBelehede170Seventeen villagers are put down by Jihadists.
114 2019-06-18NigerNiamey22Sharia advocates ambush and kill two local cops.
115 2019-06-18CameroonGrossi20Islamists murder a Christian woman and a teenager.

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