List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 88
Killed: 425
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2019-11-11SyriaDeir Ezzor21A Catholic priest and his father are shot to death in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2 2019-11-11EgyptHasafa30Three village guards are cut down by Muslim radicals.
3 2019-11-10PakistanArbi Tabba50Islamic militants are suspected of attacking a car carrying police and a civilian, killing five.
4 2019-11-10AfghanistanKapisa10A local police officer is murdered by Muslim terrorists.
5 2019-11-09DRCEringeti40Four civilians are massacred by ADF Islamists.
6 2019-11-09PakistanDera Ismail Khan20Terrorists gun down two police officers.
7 2019-11-09AfghanistanShah Wali Kot13A suicide bomber claims one other life.
8 2019-11-09EgyptRafah22Fundamentalists hit a local security patrol with a bomb, killing two members.
9 2019-11-08SyriaCobanbey24Terrorists set off a car bomb along a city street that leaves two dead.
10 2019-11-08PakistanKrishna Gati10A border guard is killed during an infiltration attempt by Lashkar e Toiba.
11 2019-11-07AfghanistanMohammad Agha40Three secular judges and a court staffer are murdered by Sharia extremists.
12 2019-11-07AfghanistanKojran31A fundamentalist group opens fire on a group of police, killing three.
13 2019-11-06SyriaJamiliya10At least one civilian is killed when militants send rockets into a neighborhood.
14 2019-11-06JordanJerash08A suspected extremist stabs four tourists and their guides.
15 2019-11-06AfghanistanQarqesh60A bomb planted by Islamic terrorists leaves six dead.
16 2019-11-06ThailandYala154Muslim insurgents waste fifteen with a nail bomb.
17 2019-11-06AfghanistanCharbolak40Four policemen are ambushed and killed by religious radicals.
18 2019-11-06YemenMocha30Three warehouse workers succumb to Ansar Allah shrapnel.
19 2019-11-06TajikistanIshkobod70At least seven others are killed when ISIS militants attack a border crossing.
20 2019-11-06AfghanistanHematkhil10A 70-year-old university lecturer is blown up by fundamentalists.
21 2019-11-06NigeriaDamboa109At least ten Nigerians lose their lives to a Boko Haram ambush.
22 2019-11-05AfghanistanKapisa112A Sunni blast at a market shreds a guard.
23 2019-11-05AfghanistanSabzi Mandawi10A Taliban car bomb claims one life.
24 2019-11-05DRCKivu102Ten villagers are brutally shot and stabbed to death by ADF Islamists.
25 2019-11-05Burkina FasoOursi3863Thirty-eight workers are eliminated by a Jihadist attack on a mining convoy.
26 2019-11-05PakistanBacha Asad32Two police and a rickshaw driver are laid out by radicals with automatic weapons.
27 2019-11-04AfghanistanDand Shabuddin86Women and children are among eight disassembled by Mujahid bombers.
28 2019-11-04PakistanMir Ali21Two border guards are leveled by a Tehreek-e-Taliban landmine.
29 2019-11-04IndiaSrinagar241Terrorists lob a grenade into a market, killing two migrant laborers.
30 2019-11-03Burkina FasoDjibo40A lawmaker, his brother and two youth employment workers are machine-gunned by Religion of Peace advocates.
31 2019-11-03YemenHodeidah23Two children are disintegrated by an Ansar Allah landmine.
32 2019-11-03AfghanistanNusai98Nine others are killed when Islamic extremists ambush a local convoy.
33 2019-11-02MozambiqueMumu43Sharia radicals attack a cargo truck, killing the driver and three passengers.
34 2019-11-02AfghanistanTakhar90Nine children are torn to shreds by a Taliban bomb as they walked to school.
35 2019-11-02MaliIndelimane10A French peacekeeper is murdered by the Islamic State.
36 2019-11-01MaliBamako540Fifty-four security personnel and civilians are reported killed following a vicious attack by religious extremists.
37 2019-10-31Burkina FasoDjibo20A group fighting for Sharia plants a bomb that kills two members of a local security patrol.
38 2019-10-31IraqBaghdad10A guard at a restaurant is flattened by a Jihadi rocket.
39 2019-10-31AfghanistanBazarak Jangal Aregh214A Taliban bomb explosion kills two civilian.
40 2019-10-31IraqBaghdad15A guard at a checkpoint is picked off by Jihadi snipers.
41 2019-10-31IraqKhanaqin10Islamic State gunmen open fire on a group of civilians, killing one.
42 2019-10-31Burkina FasoSanaba20al-Qaeda members on motorbikes assault a police station, killing two outnumbered members.
43 2019-10-31MozambiqueMbau100Jihadists materialize from the jungle to machine-gun ten innocents.
44 2019-10-30NigerBlabrine128A dozen others are killed during a Boko Haram attack.
45 2019-10-29YemenMarib21An attempted assassination by Shiite radicals kills two guards.
46 2019-10-29IndiaKatrasu50Muslim radicals drag five laborers out of a house and execute them in cold blood on the street.
47 2019-10-29IraqIslah20Two farmers are sent to Allah by Islamic State shrapnel.
48 2019-10-29KenyaWajir23Two people are killed when al-Shabaab militants raid a police station.
49 2019-10-29AfghanistanKhan Abad58An attack by armed fundamentalists leaves five dead.
50 2019-10-29AfghanistanArghanandab10Fundamentalists execute a man in front of his young daughter.
51 2019-10-28EgyptSheikh Zuweid13A Jihadist attack claims the life of a young conscript.
52 2019-10-28Burkina FasoPobe-Mengao160An Islamist group machine-guns sixteen villagers who refused to help them.
53 2019-10-28AfghanistanMetran25Religious extremists open fire on laborers building a school, killing two.
54 2019-10-28IndiaSopore020Muslim militants hurl a grenade into a bus stop.
55 2019-10-28IndiaKanilwan Bijhepara10A truck driver loading apples is shot to death by Mujahideen.
56 2019-10-28IraqNahr al-Imam20A man and his daughter are disintegrated by Fedayeen bombers.
57 2019-10-27AfghanistanPashtun Kot51Five children are exterminated by Taliban bombers.
58 2019-10-27MozambiqueMuidumbe250Twenty-five security personnel are killed, some by beheading, during an Islamist ambush.
59 2019-10-26SyriaNorthwest30Caliph al-Baghdadi pulls three children into a tunnel, then detonates a suicide vest.
60 2019-10-25IraqKhanaqin12A 14-year-old is shot to death by Mujahideen.
61 2019-10-25GermanyLimburg10A woman is brutally honor-killed with an axe for trying to leave her husband.
62 2019-10-25IraqTaza23ISIS members murder two police officers near a bridge.
63 2019-10-25AfghanistanJalalabad26A bomb planted to kill first responders at a bus stop leaves two dead.
64 2019-10-25IraqBaqubah12Islamic State members enter a house and slaughter a child.
65 2019-10-25AfghanistanJalalabad521A child is among five slain by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
66 2019-10-24IraqAbu Seida30A man and his son are among three civilians shot to death by extremists.
67 2019-10-24AfghanistanKabul10An off-duty cop is shot to death by terrorists.
68 2019-10-24IndiaShopian21Two drivers ferrying apples are shot to death by Islamic militants.
69 2019-10-24IraqKhazir22Jihadis detonate a bomb in the path of a delivery truck, killing the driver and an assistant.
70 2019-10-24Iraqal-Rifai10A civilian is shot to death at a grocery by suspected radicals.
71 2019-10-24AfghanistanChaghcharan20A targeted attack on health workers leaves two dead.
72 2019-10-23IraqRiyadh31Three civilians are sent to Allah by Religion of Peace bombers.
73 2019-10-23IraqMarika10A town mayor is assassinated by the Islamic State.
74 2019-10-23AfghanistanTakhar40A Taliban ambush leaves four dead.
75 2019-10-22Burkina FasoGuembila60Six local security members lose their lives to a suspected Islamist attack.
76 2019-10-22IndiaKalal10A border guard is picked off by a Muslim terrorist.
77 2019-10-22PakistanGulshan-i-Hadeed10A mother of three is strangled "for honor."
78 2019-10-22IraqMetaibja110Eleven Iraqi police officers are reportedly killed by ISIS.
79 2019-10-22AfghanistanTakhar318Three civilians are murdered by the Taliban while traveling for aid.
80 2019-10-21Syriaal-Hawl10A baby is found beaten to death as Islamic State as Sharia is enforced at a camp.
81 2019-10-21SyriaJalabiyya60A woman is among six Kurds killed and desecrated by Allah-praising militia.
82 2019-10-21AfghanistanAli Abad192A fundamentalist group attacks and kills nineteen local police.
83 2019-10-21IraqTikrit45Four guards are killed when the Islamic State attacks an oilfield.
84 2019-10-20AfghanistanMaidan Wardak31An suicide car bomb attack claims three lives.
85 2019-10-20AfghanistanAdraskan10An imam is murdered by radical co-religionists.
86 2019-10-20Burkina FasoZoura90Nine villagers are massacred by Islamic militants.
87 2019-10-20CameroonWum10A Bible translator and father of five is murdered in his home by militant Muslims.
88 2019-10-20SwitzerlandBern01A gay teens throat is slit by his father.

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