List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 116
Killed: 591
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2019-10-09SomaliaSiinka Dheer43A well-placed al-Shabaab landmine takes out four people in a passing car.
2 2019-10-08AfghanistanGhazni019Female students are among the casualties of a bomb blast at a university.
3 2019-10-07AfghanistanQarabagh16A man is shot to death by a terrorist group.
4 2019-10-07AfghanistanJalalabad1027A child is among ten killed when a suicde bomber hits a bus.
5 2019-10-07GermanyLimburg07A Syrian refugee shouts praises to Allah as he rams German hosts with a truck.
6 2019-10-07NigerDogon Kiria25Terrorists attack a local security patrol, killing two members.
7 2019-10-07YemenWadi Nakhla42Four children are disassembled by Ansar Allah explosives.
8 2019-10-06MaliAguelhok14Jihadists target a UN vehicle with a mine, killing one passenger.
9 2019-10-06IraqBahar20Two government officials are assassinated by Islamic militants.
10 2019-10-06AfghanistanNangarhar12Hardliners set off a bomb along a highway that claims a passing civilian.
11 2019-10-05NigeriaBanki23Muslim hardliners storm a displaced persons camp and kill two refugees.
12 2019-10-04PhilippinesShariff Saydona70Seven people are cut down by Dawlah Islamiyah gunmen.
13 2019-10-04AfghanistanWardak31The Taliban eliminate three members of one family with a rocket.
14 2019-10-04Burkina FasoDolmane233al-Qaeda militants murder twenty-three gold miners.
15 2019-10-03NigeriaMauro1116Boko Haram attack a local security patrol, killing eleven members.
16 2019-10-03NigeriaFrigi11Islamic State gunmen fire into a village, killing a resident.
17 2019-10-03MozambiqueSofala30Local Jihadists are suspected of firing on a bus and killing three passengers.
18 2019-10-03CameroonTalkoumri13Islamists enter a village, kill a resident and steal from the rest.
19 2019-10-03IraqPirrash50A Kurdish family of five is beaten and stabbed to death in their home, including three young children.
20 2019-10-03IraqBasra20Masked gunmen shoot a cartoonist and his wife to death in front of their 2-year-old daughter.
21 2019-10-03AfghanistanQala-e-New23Two Afghans are killed by the Taliban.
22 2019-10-03AfghanistanGhozari30Three locals are cut down by Taliban gunmen.
23 2019-10-02AfghanistanLaqak27Two civilians lose their lives to a Taliban attack.
24 2019-10-02AfghanistanFarsi30Fundamentalists attack a small town, killing three.
25 2019-10-02FranceParis41A convert to Islam goes on a stabbing spree at the police station where he worked, taking out four innocents.
26 2019-10-02AfghansitanKapisa62A half-dozen women and girls are liquidated by the Taliban.
27 2019-10-02AfghanistanQaq Dara36A child is among six civilians murdered by the Taliban.
28 2019-10-01SyriaDeir Ezzor30Three oil company workers are leveled by Sunni shrapnel.
29 2019-10-01AfghanistanShortepa1115Sunni extremists overrun a police compound, killing at least eleven.
30 2019-09-30AfghanistanBalkh110Eleven local cops are murdered by armed fundamentalists.
31 2019-09-30Syriaal-Hawl20Several women are found at a camp, mutilated by ISIS enthusiasts.
32 2019-09-30Burkina FasoKomsilga10A victim kidnapped by Islamists is found killed.
33 2019-09-30Burkina FasoKangro60Jamaat Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin roll into a town and machine-gun a half-dozen residents.
34 2019-09-30MaliBoulikessi3864Two local security camps are blasted with heavy machine-gun fire by al-Qaeda, leaving three dozen dead.
35 2019-09-30MaliMondoro23Jihadists open fire on civilians, bringing down two.
36 2019-09-30PakistanQuetta13One other person is killed when a suicide bomber goes off outside a medical college.
37 2019-09-29AfghanistanKonjak70Seven people lose their lives to an attack by the Taliban.
38 2019-09-29AfghanistanTakhar1219A dozen Afghans are eliminated by armed fundamentalists.
39 2019-09-29AfghanistanFirozkoh11The Taliban kidnap a father and son, later killing the boy.
40 2019-09-29AfghanistanGolran20Two civilians lose their lives to shrapnel from a Taliban bomb.
41 2019-09-29AfghanistanBelcheragh33Two children are among three killed when terrorists hit their home with a mortar.
42 2019-09-29AfghanistanTuly1126Seven locals are exterminated by a group fighting for Sharia.
43 2019-09-29AfghanistanSalar10A civilian is taken out by the Taliban.
44 2019-09-29NigeriaGubio1318Five civilians and eight others are killed during a Boko Haram attack.
45 2019-09-29IraqBaghdad10Terrorists gun down a man in front of his house.
46 2019-09-29PakistanPreedy10A Shiite business owner is gunned down in a targeted attack.
47 2019-09-28PakistanZafarabad10Terrorists shoot a civilian to death.
48 2019-09-28Burkina FasoDeneon77Seven are left dead following a Jihadist attack on a residential area.
49 2019-09-28Burkina FasoKomsilga913Religious radicals burn down a village and kill nine residents.
50 2019-09-28AfghanistanKandahar015A bomb is set off outside a rival mosque.
51 2019-09-28IndiaRamban10Hizbul Mujahideen kill a police officer trying to rescue a civilian hostage.
52 2019-09-28IraqMikhas30Islamic extremists kill three people.
53 2019-09-28AfghanistanTarinkot17A woman is killed when the Taliban fire a missile into her house.
54 2019-09-28AfghanistanLashkar Gah19A child is obliterated by a Taliban rocket.
55 2019-09-28AfghanistanNangarhar117Fundamentalists set off a series of bombs, which kill at least one civilian.
56 2019-09-28PakistanLahgari Mualana Kali10A tribal elder is sectionalized by a Tareek-e-Taliban shrapnel.
57 2019-09-28PakistanChaman312A bomb targeting a moderate political party kills three.
58 2019-09-27NigeriaGajiram80Islamists roll up on a small town with machine-guns, making quick work of eight innocents.
59 2019-09-27EgyptBir al-Abed810Members of the Islamic State kill eight people in an ambush, including a child.
60 2019-09-27NigeriaBanki10One person succumbs to injuries from a Boko Haram attack.
61 2019-09-27AfghanistanDara-e-Suf100Ten Afghans are reported dead following a Taliban attack.
62 2019-09-27AfghanistanKhwaja Ghar300A fundamentalist group attacks the entrance to a bazaar, successfully killing thirty before pulling out.
63 2019-09-26IraqJadida21Jihadis blow two civilians to bits.
64 2019-09-26NigeriaMafa20Jihadists kill two people and burn down a market.
65 2019-09-26NigeriaDamaturu710Seven people lose their lives when a golf cart hits a Boko Haram IED.
66 2019-09-26IraqKubba10A farmer makes easy pickings for ISIS gunmen.
67 2019-09-26MaliDouentza70A fertilizer convoy is decimated by Islamic bomb blasts, killing seven.
68 2019-09-26EgyptSinai20Two men are brutally executed by ISIS.
69 2019-09-25IsraelModiin01A unarmed woman is stabbed by a Palestinian.
70 2019-09-25NigeriaGubio142ISWAP claims an attack on a security convoy that leaves fourteen dead.
71 2019-09-25NigeriaDamasak10An abducted aid worker is beheaded in captivity by ISWAP.
72 2019-09-25SomaliaMogadishu33An al-Shabaab bomb blast leaves three dead.
73 2019-09-25Burkina FasoZimtanga60Six villagers are shot to death by suspected Jihadists.
74 2019-09-24IraqAbbara10A laborer is killed outside an orchard by Mujahid gunmen.
75 2019-09-24AfghanistanKandahar28The Taliban kill a child and a journalist with a roadside bomb.
76 2019-09-24PakistanQambar Shahdadkot20A woman and her boyfriend are honor-killed by her brother-in-law.
77 2019-09-24PakistanPeshawar20Two guards working on a border fence are ambushed and killed by religious radicals.
78 2019-09-23MozambiqueMindumbe20Two farmers are beheaded by Islamic extremists.
79 2019-09-23ThailandPattani11Muslim militants are suspected of firing on a tea shop, killing a patron.
80 2019-09-23MozambiqueMbau100Ten young people are shot to death after fundamentalists discover them drinking alcohol.
81 2019-09-23IraqDiyala20Two Iraqis are deep-sixed by ISIS.
82 2019-09-23TunisiaBizerte11A policeman guarding a court is stabbed to death.
83 2019-09-23NigeriaHukke30Two women are among three killed by Fulani terrorists.
84 2019-09-23Burkina FasoBourzanga100Ten people in a farming community are murdered in their field.
85 2019-09-22NigeriaMaiduguri20Two Christian aid workers are captured and executed by Boko Haram.
86 2019-09-22Burkina FasoBool-Kiiba90Nine people are murdered by Religion of Peace proponents, including five Christians from the same family.
87 2019-09-22Somaliael-Salin2318At least twenty are killed during a Fedayeen suicide assault.
88 2019-09-22IraqTarmiya30Islamic snipers kill three people.
89 2019-09-22IraqMakhmour13A bomb kills a responder to an earlier bomb targeting civilians.
90 2019-09-21Burkina FasoPissélé60Jihadists murder a half-dozen villagers.
91 2019-09-21IsraelTel Hashomer10An elderly woman dies of injuries suffered from a Palestinian rocket attack the previous year.
92 2019-09-21IraqTarmiya40A family of four is murdered in their home by Sunni extremists.
93 2019-09-21AfghanistanCharekar111A child is dismantled by Taliban explosives.
94 2019-09-21SyriaHoms10A civilian is tortured to death by a Sunni group.
95 2019-09-20IraqDujaili21Gunmen on motorcycles assassinate two Iraqis.
96 2019-09-20PakistanMohamand20Two border guards are sectionalized by terrorist shrapnel.
97 2019-09-20IraqKarbala125A bomb targeting Shiite women and children on a bus kills a dozen.
98 2019-09-20IraqMosul10A prayer leader is shot to death by a rival.
99 2019-09-20AfghanistanSpin Boldak25Two children are aerated by a nail-packed bomb.
100 2019-09-19Burkina FasoToeni50Jihadists attack a border patrol, killing five members.
101 2019-09-19AfghanistanQalat39140A suicide bomber hits a vulnerable hospital, killing nearly forty.
102 2019-09-19IraqBaqubah10A civilian is shot to death by the Islamic State.
103 2019-09-19YemenWadia421Sectarian militants bomb a passenger bus, killing four.
104 2019-09-19YemenShibam15An al-Qaeda bomb blast claims one life.
105 2019-09-18NigeriaAljilati Ngomari90Boko Haram hack five people to death with machetes and kill another four with arrows.
106 2019-09-18SomaliaMogadishu24al-Shabaab bombers dispatch two civilians in a passing vehicle.
107 2019-09-18AfghanistanJalalabad412A suicide bomber and gunmen storm an election office, killing at least four.
108 2019-09-18IraqWaziriya10A woman is brutally killed by suspected ISIS.
109 2019-09-17SyriaHoms20Two civilians are killed by Hay’at Tahrir al Sham
110 2019-09-17AfghanistanParwan2642A Shahid suicide bomber makes a bloody mess of a political rally, killing over two dozen.
111 2019-09-17AfghanistanKabul2238A Fedayeen suicide bomber self-detonates at a city square, laying out twenty-two commuters.
112 2019-09-17ItalyMilan01An arrival from Yemen shouts Allah Akbar as he stabs a guard in the throat at an Italian train station.
113 2019-09-16IraqRashad20An Islamist nail-packed bomb claims the lives of two local cops.
114 2019-09-16AfghanistanGhazni15Militants target a bus carrying students, killing the driver.
115 2019-09-16IraqKut20A suspected ISIS gunman smokes two civilians with a handgun.
116 2019-09-16AfghanistanMohammad Agha11The Taliban shoot a female student to death.

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