List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 114
Killed: 707
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2019-06-13AfghanistanJalalabad1113At least one child is among eleven innocents exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2 2019-06-12IraqBashik10A farmer loses his life after Islamic State activists set fire to his field.
3 2019-06-12NigeriaKareto200A local Islamist group claims an attack that killed twenty local security personnel.
4 2019-06-12SyriaTafas10Mujahideen gunmen pick off a civilian.
5 2019-06-12IndiaAnantnag53Five local cops are ambushed and killed in a suicide attack by Al-Umar Mujahideen.
6 2019-06-12Saudi ArabiaAbha026Women and children are among the casualties when Ansar Allah sends a rocket into an airport at a resort.
7 2019-06-12PakistanManzerkhel Berzai12Muslim radicals kill one person with a roadside bomb.
8 2019-06-12AfghanistanKala Tak10A moderate cleric is silenced by an armed rival outside his mosque.
9 2019-06-12IraqShirqat10ISIS gunmen take down a civilan from a passing car.
10 2019-06-11YemenAbyan34An al-Qaeda cell is suspected of a bomb blast that leaves three dead.
11 2019-06-11AfghanistanDand60A family of six is put down hard by Taliban bombers.
12 2019-06-10SudanDeleig69Terrorists shoot six refugees to death at a displaced persons camp.
13 2019-06-10CameroonDarak260Two-dozen souls are lost to a Boko Haram attack on a small village.
14 2019-06-10MaliSobame Da950A Fulani group, linked to Islamists, slaughters and burns nearly one-hundred farmers and their families, including twenty-four children.
15 2019-06-10SyriaJalin10Terrorist shoot a civlian to death.
16 2019-06-10CameroonKolfata20Two civilians are murdered by Boko Haram.
17 2019-06-10Burkina FasoNamentenga100Ten innocents are murdered in their village by Islamic extremists.
18 2019-06-10IraqAbu Saida10Roadside bombers take out a passing civilian.
19 2019-06-09PakisitanPul-e-Regi44Islamic militants attack a checkpoint and kill four members.
20 2019-06-09LebanonChebaa10A religious party official is assassinated in a suspected sectarian attack.
21 2019-06-09Burkina FasoArbinda1913At least nineteen villagers are massacred by Jihadists.
22 2019-06-09IraqHamdouniya20Two people are leveled by a Jihadi bomb blast.
23 2019-06-08IraqAnbar54Five Iraqis are killed in a series of terror attacks.
24 2019-06-08Burkina FasoArbinda10Mujahid stop a civilian vehicle along the highway and murder the driver.
25 2019-06-08AfghanistanDawlatyar153A horrific attack by the Taliban leaves fifteen dead.
26 2019-06-08SyriaShezar13Sunni extremists send mortars into a residential area, claiming a civilian.
27 2019-06-08AfghanistanPato26An early morning attack on a group of police by fundamentalists, leaves two dead.
28 2019-06-07PakistanKharqamar40Four members of a local security patrol are obliterated by Taliban shrapnel.
29 2019-06-07PakistanKawas27A targeted attack by suspected Sunnis kills two Hazera minorities.
30 2019-06-06YemenAden17Terrorists throw a grenade into a concert, killing a child.
31 2019-06-06IndiaSadoora10An unarmed soldier on leave is assassinated by Muslim extremists.
32 2019-06-05Egyptel-Arish80Eight local security personnel are cut down point-blank by Islamic hardliner gunmen.
33 2019-06-05IndiaSingoo Narbal11A woman bleeds to death after being shot by Islamic radicals.
34 2019-06-05AfghanistanAchin14The Islamic State fire a mortar round into a house, injuring four children and killing their mother.
35 2019-06-05IraqHawijah39Various ISIS attacks on farmers and security personnel leaves three dead.
36 2019-06-04NorwayOslo01A man stabs a Good Samaritan, while screaming praises to Allah.
37 2019-06-04YemenQiva100An imam and nine worshippers are shot dead by Shiite extremists to settle a dispute over Ramadan prayers.
38 2019-06-04IraqTarmiya62ISIS gunmen ambush and murder six local police.
39 2019-06-04DRCBeni1312ADF Islamists hack thirteen villagers to death.
40 2019-06-04SyriaBuser al-Harir12A suicide bomber kills a bystander.
41 2019-06-04AfghanistanNahrin214Two civilians are aerated by a Taliban IED.
42 2019-06-03LebanonTripoli40A committed Muslim opens fire on police, killing four, then blows himself up.
43 2019-06-03IndiaPanthachowk10Islamic gunmen take down a 32-year-old civilian.
44 2019-06-03IraqMalashah90Nine people are kidnapped and murdered while hunting mushrooms.
45 2019-06-03SyriaAzaz2145Four children are among twenty-one killed by a suicide bomber outside a mosque.
46 2019-06-03AfghanistanKabul510Terrorists bomb a bus, killing five passengers.
47 2019-06-03KenyaDawaduba10al-Shabaab gunmen fire on border guards, killing one.
48 2019-06-02ThailandNarathiwat11A village head is shot to death in a mosque by suspected insurgents.
49 2019-06-02LibyaDerna018An ISIS car bomb claims eighteen casualties.
50 2019-06-02IraqAbu Khanzier30Terrorists open fire on a family of three, bringing them all down.
51 2019-06-02AfghanistanKabul124Islamists hit a bus carrying university students with a bomb, killing one.
52 2019-06-02AfghanistanKabul13A blast targeting first responders to an early bombing leaves one dead.
53 2019-06-02AfghanistanGhazni87A Shahid suicide car bomber lays out eight Afghans.
54 2019-06-01YemenHadramout22An al-Qaeda attack leaves two dead.
55 2019-06-01IraqShura270Twenty-seven victims of ISIS execution are discovered in a mass grave.
56 2019-06-01PakistanBoya10A lone border guard is ambushed and killed by Islamic militants.
57 2019-06-01SyriaRaqqa1020A suicide bomber claims ten lives in the former caliphate stronghold.
58 2019-06-01NigeriaSajeri13Boko Haram enter a rival mosque to pull out and slaughter one person.
59 2019-06-01IraqAnbar50A mass grave is discovered containing five victims of ISIS execution.
60 2019-05-31PhilippinesPatikul10A Dutch birdwatcher, held hostage by Abu Sayyaf, is killed as he tries to escape.
61 2019-05-31AfghanistanKabul47A Shahid suicide bomber claims the lives of four civilians.
62 2019-05-31IsraelJerusalem02A 16-year-old is among two stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist.
63 2019-05-30IraqKirkuk518Mujahideen set off a series of blasts at malls and shops, killing five.
64 2019-05-30AfghanistanBala Murghab1011Islamic extremists kill ten local cops in various locations.
65 2019-05-30AfghanistanKabul616A Fedayeen suicide blast near a university leaves six dead.
66 2019-05-30IraqAbu Saida25An ISIS attack on a village leaves two residents dead.
67 2019-05-29AfghanistanGhor180Eighteen guards at a world heritage site are attacked and killed by fundamentalists.
68 2019-05-29IranKazeroon10A prayer leader is stabbed to death by a suspected rival.
69 2019-05-29IraqKirkuk19One person dies when ISIS loyalists set fire to crops.
70 2019-05-29SyriaQamhana15A woman is disassembled by a Sunni rocket.
71 2019-05-28PakistanGoga Hissar10A young mother of two is honor-killed by her brother-in-law.
72 2019-05-28MozambiqueMacomia1610A barbaric attack by Islamists on highway travelers leaves sixteen dead.
73 2019-05-27AfghanistanBala Buluk100All ten off-duty security personnel riding in a vehicle are vaporized by a Taliban bomb blast.
74 2019-05-27AfghanistanSari Pul422A brutal attack by armed fundamentalists leaves four dead.
75 2019-05-27LebanonSaadiyat10An innocent bystander is killed in an exchange of fire between two groups of terrorists.
76 2019-05-27AfghanistanFeroz Koh187The Taliban murder eighteen local security personnel.
77 2019-05-27NigeriaJere72A group fighting for Sharia slaughters seven innocents at a displaced persons camp.
78 2019-05-27ThailandNong Chik24A 14-year-old boy is among two killed by Muslim bombers at a marketplace.
79 2019-05-27IndiaBabagund10A trader is shot to death by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
80 2019-05-26IranEslamabad-e Gharb10Suspected members of a Sunni group, fire on police from their car, killing one.
81 2019-05-26SyriaSuqaylabiyah512Hayat Tahrir al-Sham send nearly forty rockets into a neighborhood, killing five residents.
82 2019-05-26BangladeshDhaka03An Islamic State bomb blast produces three casualties.
83 2019-05-26NigeriaJos712Local Muslims murder seven innocents on their way home from church.
84 2019-05-26Burkina FasoToulfe40Gunmen fire into a church during service, killing four worshippers.
85 2019-05-26IraqUwaynat57Five innocents are slain when Jihadist set off a bomb at a popular market.
86 2019-05-26BangladeshDhaka12A woman is killed when religious extremists throw a bomb at a police car.
87 2019-05-26AfghanistanKabul10A pro-peace religious scholar is shot to death by radicals.
88 2019-05-26PakistanBoya50Five victims of terrorist execution are discovered.
89 2019-05-25ChadN’Gounboua511A journalist is among five people laid out by a Boko Haram blast.
90 2019-05-25NigeriaBorno250Islamists pour machine-gun fire into a convoy trying to evacuate civilians, massacring over two dozen.
91 2019-05-25IraqHawijah510Islamic State members set a field on fire and then murder five Iraqis attempting to put it out.
92 2019-05-25PhilippinesJolo20Two children are shot full of holes by Abu Sayyaf.
93 2019-05-24FranceLyon013A 10-year-old girl is among the casualties of a bomb blast outside a bakery.
94 2019-05-24AfghanistanKabul216Two worshippers at a mosque are blown to bits by Religion of Peace rivals.
95 2019-05-24PakistanQuetta328A bomb planted at a rival mosque leaves three dead.
96 2019-05-24PhilippinesMalambuhangin10Islamic radicals are suspected in the assassination of a religious scholar in front of his family.
97 2019-05-24IraqBaiji14A woman is killed, and her family injured, when Jihadis send shrapnel through their car.
98 2019-05-24PakistanSachal10A prayer leader is assassinated by rivals while exiting a mosque.
99 2019-05-24IraqShirqat50Five farmers are intercepted and eliminated by the Islamic State.
100 2019-05-23PakistanBarg10A prayer leader is kidnapped by rivals and then killed in captivity.
101 2019-05-23AfghanistanCharsada10A woman is killed during an attack by the Taliban.
102 2019-05-23IraqQaim20A Sunni bomb blast rips through a parking lot at a car wash, taking two lives.
103 2019-05-22SomaliaMogadishu20Two parents of ten children are eliminated by al-Shabaab.
104 2019-05-22CAROuham Pende160A second village is attacked by Muslim militia, with sixteen more killed.
105 2019-05-22NigeriaMaiduguri90Nine hostages are executed on video by ISIS West Africa.
106 2019-05-22SomaliaMogadishu913Nine people are blown to bits by a suicide car bomber.
107 2019-05-22IraqShura10A terrorist bomb blast claims the life of a woman.
108 2019-05-22IraqAllas13A guard at an oilfield is murdered by ISIS.
109 2019-05-21NigeriaGubio36Boko Haram gunmen attack a local army base, killing three occupants.
110 2019-05-21AfghanistanKapisa40Two women and a child are among a family of four sent to Allah by Taliban shrapnel.
111 2019-05-21SyriaHarasta11A 60-year-old man is reduced to parts by a terrorist landmine.
112 2019-05-21AfghanistanGhazni320A child is among three Afghans disintegrated by Taliban bombers.
113 2019-05-21IraqMosul370Thirty-seven victims of caliphate execution, mostly women, are discovered in a mass grave.
114 2019-05-21CARPahoua340Muslim militia slaughter thirty-four villagers to avenge the death of one Muslim.

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