List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 120
Killed: 840
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2020-01-26MaliSokolo195Nineteen police are reported dead following an al-Qaeda attack.
2 2020-01-26NigeriaGwoza313A 12-year-old boy is among three worshippers purged by a suicide bomber at a rival mosque.
3 2020-01-25AfghanistanKabul14A civilian is taken out by Taliban explosives.
4 2020-01-25SomaliaMogadishu20An early-morning al-Shabaab bomb blast claims two lives.
5 2020-01-24AfghanistanLashkar Gah10A media official is assassinated by suspected extremists.
6 2020-01-23NigeriaKaga80Eight members of an engineering crew are ambushed and murdered by Boko Haram.
7 2020-01-23IraqBasra10Shiite militia shoot a young protester to death.
8 2020-01-22AfghanistanKhwaja Sabzposh30Three people riding in a car are vaporized by Taliban shrapnel.
9 2020-01-22AfghanistanBaharak20Two Afghans are laid out by Taliban gunmen.
10 2020-01-22South SudanKolom3224Thirty-two are left dead after Arab militia cross the border to attack a Dinka village.
11 2020-01-22DRCBeni60A child is among six innocents slain by ADF Islamists.
12 2020-01-22ThailandMayo11Muslim terrorists fire on a pickup, killing a man and injuring his 5-year-old son.
13 2020-01-22SomaliaBuurane10An AU peacekeeper is murdered by al-Shabaab.
14 2020-01-22AfghanistanHelmand10A man walking home from work is picked off by the Taliban.
15 2020-01-22YemenMarib20A 16-year-old girl is among two people killed in their home by Shiite militia.
16 2020-01-22AfghanistanBaghlan88Two civilians are among eight killed when fundamentalists storm a police checkpoint.
17 2020-01-22MaliDioungani63At least a half-dozen Malians are laid out by Jihadis.
18 2020-01-22AfghanistanDawlatabad16An Islamic radical throws a grenade into a medical shop, killing the owner.
19 2020-01-21MaliDouentza20Jihadists kill two members of a passing security patrol.
20 2020-01-21YemenMarib City13Ansar Allah is suspected of a missile strike that leaves one dead.
21 2020-01-21IndiaKhrew30Islamic militants open fire on local cops, mortally injuring three.
22 2020-01-21NigeriaMainok77Jihadists roll through a village in trucks fitted with machine-guns, slaughtering at least seven.
23 2020-01-20NigeriaAbebe42A church leader is among four innocents slain by militant Muslims.
24 2020-01-20Burkina FasoAlamou40Four villagers are murdered by Islamic fanatics.
25 2020-01-20Burkina FasoNagraogo323Dozens at a market are butchered and burned by Islamic militants.
26 2020-01-20SyriaAleppo10Terrorists fire missiles into a neighborhood, killing at least one resident.
27 2020-01-19IraqBaghdad14A bomb placed inside a bus takes out a passenger.
28 2020-01-19NigeriaMichika10A Christian pastor is abducted and beheaded in captivity by Islamic radicals.
29 2020-01-19ChadKaiga-Kindjiria90Two women are among nine innocents sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
30 2020-01-19NigeriaBorno170Seventeen Nigerians are reported dead following a Boko Haram ambush.
31 2020-01-18CameroonGanse62Six are killed when Boko Haram members set fire to a sleeping village in the middle of the night.
32 2020-01-18SomaliaAfgoye415A Fedayeen suicide bomber targets a construction site, purging four workers.
33 2020-01-18YemenMarib116120Over one-hundred are laid out when Shiite radicals send missiles into a Sunni mosque at a local training camp.
34 2020-01-18ThailandSai Buri10Muslim insurgents shoot an official in the back of the head outside a mosque.
35 2020-01-18AfghanistanAndkhoy62An infant is among six family members exterminated by fundamentalists for alleged involvement in immoral activities.
36 2020-01-17IraqRafiya10A young man is dragged out of his home and executed in front of his parents over their refusal to pay zaqat.
37 2020-01-17SomaliaHosingow14One person is left dead following an al-Shabaab attack.
38 2020-01-17SomaliaHaji Ali52Five are killed when a local security base is overrun by Sharia proponents.
39 2020-01-17Burkina FasoGorguel61Jihadists use a crude explosive to claim six lives.
40 2020-01-17NigeriaFirgi134A Boko Haram attacks leaves at least thirteen dead.
41 2020-01-17SyriaAleppo20Two Greek Orthodox archbishops, kidnapped by Nour al-Din al-Zenki in April of 2016 and held for ransom, are confirmed to have been murdered in December.
42 2020-01-17NigeriaGora-Gan23Two Catholic girls are gunned down by militant Muslims.
43 2020-01-16AfghanistanShahr-e-Safa50Five people riding in a car are wiped out by Taliban shrapnel.
44 2020-01-15AfghanistanKunduz122A fundamentalist group attacks and kills a dozen local cops.
45 2020-01-15IraqZgiton20Two brothers from a poor farming family are murdered by ISIS.
46 2020-01-15NigeriaAuno47Islamic State members fires heavy weapons into a village, killing four.
47 2020-01-15EgyptSinai10A 48-year-old man is captured and executed by the Islamic State.
48 2020-01-14AfghanistanMazar-e Sharif29Two children are exterminated by fundamentalist bombers.
49 2020-01-14SomaliaElasha Biyaha32Three Somalis are disassembled by an al-Qaeda linked bomb blast.
50 2020-01-14IraqDujail25Two Iraqis succumb to injuries following an ISIS shooting.
51 2020-01-14PakistanSwabi10Terrorists assassinate a refugee.
52 2020-01-13KenyaKamuthe30Three teachers are killed by al-Shabaab at their school.
53 2020-01-13ThailandRom Sai17A Muslim insurgent fires on a group of volunteer guards, killing one.
54 2020-01-13IraqSouq Al-Shuyukh10A 58-year-old activist is shot to death by Shiite militia.
55 2020-01-13NigeriaBorno10A Christian man is executed by a child member of the Islamic State.
56 2020-01-12EgyptGiza01A 63-year-old Coptic womans throat is slashed in a targeted attack.
57 2020-01-12SudanSaraf Omra11A refugee working on a farm is killed and mutilated by suspected Arab militia.
58 2020-01-12IraqWadi Hajar20Two young Iraqis are murdered by ISIS loyalists.
59 2020-01-12IranTehran10A Basiji milita member takes out a female protester with a shotgun.
60 2020-01-11AfghanistanLashkargah30Three Afghans are eviscerated by Taliban shrapnel.
61 2020-01-11ChadAlom44Islamists murder four villagers and kidnap four women.
62 2020-01-10NigeriaGajiram50Five hunters are machine-gunned by Boko Haram.
63 2020-01-10IndiaPoonch20Pakistani radicals cross the border and murder two unarmed citizens, one by beheading.
64 2020-01-10PakistanQuetta1518An Islamic State bomb blast rips through a rival mosque during prayers, killing fifteen.
65 2020-01-10IraqBasra20Shiite militia assassinate two journalists in their car.
66 2020-01-09NigerChinagodrar8930Dozens are left dead following a Jihadist assault on a local security base.
67 2020-01-09NigeriaMonguno80An Islamic State attack leaves eight dead.
68 2020-01-09IraqAnbar22Two local border guards are murdered by the Islamic State.
69 2020-01-09DRCMadina3070Thirty people are reported killed by the ADF.
70 2020-01-08NigeriaKaduna40Militant Muslims are suspected in an attack on a Catholic seminary that leaves four dead.
71 2020-01-08IraqHadar11ISIS is suspected of shooting a civilian to death at a farming community.
72 2020-01-08PakistanLakki Marwat10A border guard is picked off by Mujahid snipers.
73 2020-01-08NigeriaKulben191Militant Muslims attack a local village and slaughter nineteen.
74 2020-01-08IndiaKanniyakumari10Two Islamic State gunmen murder a policeman at a remote post.
75 2020-01-08SomaliaMogadishu415At least four are killed when a Shahid suicide bomber goes off near the parliament.
76 2020-01-07PakistanQuetta214Two civilians are blown to bits by a Hizbul Ahrar motorcycle bomb.
77 2020-01-07IraqBaghdad43Shiite militia kill four civilians with rockets.
78 2020-01-07PakistanSaddar24Jamaatul Ahrar gunmen waste two local cops along a city street.
79 2020-01-07YemenAd-Dali1122Ansar Allah send a rocket into a local security base, killing eleven residents.
80 2020-01-07CameroonGuedjelé10Islamists rampage through a village, killing at least one resident.
81 2020-01-07KenyaSaretho40Four children are shot to death by al-Shabaab near a cell phone tower.
82 2020-01-06NigeriaGamboru3035Boko Haram set off a bomb on a crowded bridge leading into a market, killing thirty innocents.
83 2020-01-06MaliAlatona54Jihadis kill five local security personnel with a roadside bomb.
84 2020-01-06IraqTell Ziab23An Islamic State attack leaves two dead Iraqis.
85 2020-01-06CameroonHitere22Boko Haram raid a Christian village, killing two men and kidnapping two children.
86 2020-01-06CameroonMoudokou31Boko Haram burn a church and kill three residents.
87 2020-01-06CameroonGuitsenad10One villager is murdered during a raid by Islamists.
88 2020-01-06IndiaKumarganj10A Hindu girl is raped and murdered in a suspected targeted attack by Muslim radicals.
89 2020-01-06AfghanistanFaryab12A local police officer loses his life when the Taliban attack his post.
90 2020-01-05SyriaMaadan210Twenty-one shepherds are massacred by Islamic extremists after being shackled.
91 2020-01-05PakistanPeshawar10A Sikh youth is taken down in a targeted killing by Muslim radicals.
92 2020-01-05KenyaManda Bay32al-Shabaab attack an airfield, killing three Americans.
93 2020-01-05SudanJebel Marra10Arab militia kill a man trying to protect his daughters from rape.
94 2020-01-04NigeriaJakana411Jihadists sneak onto a base and machine-gun four local soldiers.
95 2020-01-04AfghanistanKhashrod20Two civilians are vaporized in their own car by the Taliban.
96 2020-01-04AfghanistanMazar-e-Sharif13A civilian succumbs instantly to a fundamentalist bomb blast.
97 2020-01-04Burkina FasoSourou149A group fighting for Sharia blows up a bus full of schoolchildren, killing fourteen.
98 2020-01-04PhilippinesFuente Maluso10A village guard is killed by suspected Islamic radicals.
99 2020-01-03IndiaEtawah20Two young lovers are honor-killed with an axe by the girls family.
100 2020-01-02IraqBaghdad10Shiite militia are suspected of shooting a student protester in the head.
101 2020-01-02KenyaLamu10A second attack on another passenger bus leaves one dead.
102 2020-01-02IraqMaqdadiyah12ISIS members fire into a security checkpoint, killing a local cop.
103 2020-01-02KenyaLamu33Three bus passengers are murdered at close range by al-Shabaab.
104 2020-01-01IndiaRajouri20Two border guards are ambushed and killed by Islamic separatists.
105 2020-01-01AfghanistanDasht-e- Archi146A Taliban attack leaves fourteen dead.
106 2020-01-01AfghanistanLashkargah10A radio station employee is assassinated by religious radicals.
107 2019-12-31AfghanistanTakhar70A group fighting for Sharia kills seven Afghans.
108 2019-12-31AfghanistanBalkh90Nine local cops lose their lives to a Taliban attack.
109 2019-12-31IraqNuaimiya50Five students are destroyed by ISIS explosives.
110 2019-12-31IngushetiaMagan20Islamic extremists stab two police officers to death.
111 2019-12-31SyriaTabqa30A child is among three family members murdered by the Islamic State.
112 2019-12-31AfghanistanSourkhdoz40Two women and a child are among four vaporized by a fundamentalist landmine.
113 2019-12-30IraqBaqubah20Two Iraqis are brought down by Islamic State gunmen.
114 2019-12-30AfghanistanJawzjan140Fourteen Afghan police are massacred by the Taliban.
115 2019-12-30SudanKrinding Camp240Arab terrorists fire into a camp for displaced persons, purging at least two dozen.
116 2019-12-30BangladeshNoyapara Muchni20Rohingya fire on two personnel at a refugee camp, reportedly killing both.
117 2019-12-29IraqKarbala10A local official is assassinated by sectarian militia.
118 2019-12-29DRCApetina-Sana230ADF Islamists burn down houses and hack twenty-three to death.
119 2019-12-29AfghanistanLalah Gozar174A Taliban attack leaves seventeen dead tribesmen.
120 2019-12-29YemenDhalea108Four children are among ten killed when Ansar Allah send a rocket into a parade.

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