List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 104
Killed: 632
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2019-08-15NigeriaMolai35A Boko Haram attack leaves three dead.
2 2019-08-15AfghanistanFirozkoh22Two Afghans are murdered by the Taliban while harvesting wheat.
3 2019-08-15KenyaFino20Two villagers are murdered in their own hom by al-Shabaab gunmen.
4 2019-08-14AfghanistanShirkhage10Fundamentalists abduct and murder an individual.
5 2019-08-14ChadKaiga-Kindjiria65A female suicide bomber slaughters a half-dozen bystanders.
6 2019-08-14SomaliaAwdhegle713A cameraman is among seven murdered by al-Shabaab suicide bombers.
7 2019-08-13SyriaJassim10A civilian is flattened by a Sunni IED.
8 2019-08-13AustraliaSydney10A convert to Islam slits the throat of a prostitute while yelling praises to Allah.
9 2019-08-12PhilippinesTalipao31A 2-year-old girl is among three killed by Abu Sayyaf gunmen.
10 2019-08-12IraqDaquq22Two Iraqis are gunned down by the Islamic State.
11 2019-08-11NigeriaNgwom21Boko Haram murder two men and cut the ears off one women.
12 2019-08-10NigeriaGubia68Jihadists attack a small town, killing six defenders.
13 2019-08-10LibyaBenghazi310Three UN staffers are felled by a car bomb blast outside a mall.
14 2019-08-10MozambiqueSimbulongo30Three civilians are burned alive by Islamic extremists.
15 2019-08-10SomaliaMsambweni20An imam and his associate are hacked to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
16 2019-08-10AfghanistanZabul40A Taliban bomb blast on a highway kills four passersby.
17 2019-08-09SyriaAbu Dali12A Jihadist rocket reduces a civilian to pulp.
18 2019-08-08SyriaHmeymim24Islamists lob shells into an airstrip, killing two civilians.
19 2019-08-08IsraelKibbutz Midgdal Oz10A 19-year-old seminary student is stabbed to death by terrorists.
20 2019-08-08NigeriaIkot Obio10A local farmer is senseless murdered by Miyetti Allah vigilantes.
21 2019-08-07SomaliaLower Shabelle1030Mujahideen attack and kill ten local soldiers.
22 2019-08-07AfghanistanKabul14145A massive suicide blast in a Shiite neighborhood leaves over a dozen dead.
23 2019-08-07SyriaQahtaniyah50Three chilrden are among five disassembled by an ISIS car bomb.
24 2019-08-06PhilippinesTacurong City20Moro Islamists are suspected of being behind the shooting of two of their own at a gas station.
25 2019-08-06NigeriaMafa38Two female suicide bombers send shrapnel through a crowd, claiming three lives.
26 2019-08-06SyriaHama26A Sunni group sends shells into a neighborhood, killing two residents.
27 2019-08-06PakistanQuetta113A targeted bombing attack on the minority Hazara community outside a shoe market leaves one dead.
28 2019-08-06DRCKisima224At least two people are left dead after suspected ADF attack a small town.
29 2019-08-06MaliSegou10A local cop is assassinated by suspected Islamists while investigating an earlier crime.
30 2019-08-05NigeriaMonguno53Five civilians lose their lives to a Boko Haram attack on their town.
31 2019-08-05MaliKoro30Two civilians are among those who succumb to a Jihadist IED.
32 2019-08-05EgyptCairo2047The Hasm offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood sets off a suicide bomb outside a hospital, killing twenty.
33 2019-08-05AfghanistanShah Wali Kot70A Taliban in uniform easily guns down seven policemen at a checkpoint.
34 2019-08-05AfghanistanHerat430Four civilians are blown to bits by a Taliban bomb planted on a motorcycle.
35 2019-08-05AfghanistanShah Joy40Three childen and their mother are put down by a Sunni mortar round.
36 2019-08-05PakistanNiaga Banda24Two people are killed by Mujahid bombers.
37 2019-08-04AfghanistanSancharak10A disabled man is abducted and beheaded by an Islamic group.
38 2019-08-04SyriaAzaz10A civilian is aerated by Sunni shrapnel.
39 2019-08-04AfghanistanKabul22The Taliban target a bus carrying TV station employees, killing two.
40 2019-08-04SyriaHasakah13A suicide bomber takes out a civilian bystander.
41 2019-08-03AfghanistanChah Ab35Three border guards are murdered by pro-Sharia gunmen.
42 2019-08-03AfghanistanTara Khil45A Taliban bomb blast takes down four people around the noon-day prayer.
43 2019-08-03Saudi ArabiaJizan140Over a dozen are killed when Shiite militia fire rockets at a group of border guards.
44 2019-08-03YemenMahfed20A bomb planted by al-Qaeda destroys two lives.
45 2019-08-02SyriaQardahah13A civilian is killed by a well-placed Sunni rocket.
46 2019-08-02YemenAbyan2011A vicious assault by Islamic militants on a local base leaves twenty dead.
47 2019-08-02AfghanistanDaikundi1115Eleven local cops lose their lives to a surprise Taliban attack.
48 2019-08-02IndiaShopian11Muslim terrorists attack a group of police, killing one.
49 2019-08-02IraqAbu Saida10Jihadi gunmen assassinate a taxi driver.
50 2019-08-02IraqJalawla10A farmer herding livestock is plowed under by an ISIS bomb blast.
51 2019-08-02PakistanRazmak31Three local security personnel are murdered at a checkpoint by religious extremists.
52 2019-08-02PakistanAkka Khel10A former Islamist who left is assassinated by his former group.
53 2019-08-02IraqTal Tiba21A man and his son are eliminated by Islamic State gunmen.
54 2019-08-01NigeriaAwgu10A priest is dragged into the bush by Muslim militants and shot to death.
55 2019-08-01SomaliaMogadishu10The citys mayor succumbs to injuries suffered from Mujahideen shrapnel.
56 2019-08-01YemenAden1129A Fedayeen suicide bomber claims eleven lives.
57 2019-08-01YemenAden4027Ansar Allah send rockets into a local security camp, killing forty young recruits.
58 2019-08-01SyriaZibdiyah12Hayat Tahrir al-Sham send a shell into a residential area, killing one.
59 2019-07-31AfghanistanFarah3415Thirty-four bus passengers, including women and children, are exterminated by Taliban bombers.
60 2019-07-31IraqGullajo414Four people are killed when Jihadists send mortars into a town and follow it up with a shooting attack.
61 2019-07-31IraqSayid Ghareeb62Islamic State members murder six Iraqis in two attacks.
62 2019-07-31AfghanistanKabul23Fundamentalists murder two local cops.
63 2019-07-30PakistanQuetta538A Tehreek-i-Taliban bomb lays out five people in a shopping area.
64 2019-07-30AfghanistanSpin Boldak323Three children are disassembled by religious radicals.
65 2019-07-29AfghanistanNaw Abad20Two Afghans are murdered by Islamic extremists.
66 2019-07-29AfghanistanKandahar21Two unarmed Americans are shot in the back by a fundamentalist in Afghan uniform.
67 2019-07-29NigeriaBenisheikh250Boko Haram claims to have killed two dozen Nigerian security personnel in an attack on their base.
68 2019-07-29NigeriaBaga15An attack by Boko Haram leaves one dead.
69 2019-07-29YemenQatabir1426Ansar Allah is blamed for sending rockets into a marketplace, killing fourteen.
70 2019-07-28AfghanistanKabul2050A suicide car bomber slaughters at least twenty bystanders.
71 2019-07-28AfghanistanGhazni City33Three employees at a salt company are killed by Mujahid bombers.
72 2019-07-28Syrianal-Hol10A pregnant woman is beaten to death by ISIS at a refugee camp.
73 2019-07-27Syriaal-Bab211Two civilians are vaporized by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
74 2019-07-27SomaliaMiddle Shabelle100al-Shabaab claims to have killed ten Burundians of an African Union mission.
75 2019-07-27NigeriaNganzai230Two-dozen mourners at a funeral are massacred by Islamists.
76 2019-07-27NigeriaNganzai440Islamists return to the site of an earlier killing and murder forty-four more innocents.
77 2019-07-27PakistanKhyber Pakhtunkhwa60The Tehreek-e-Taliban open fire on a border patrol, bringing down a half-dozen members.
78 2019-07-27AfghanistanAb Band312A Shahid suicide bomber targets a police headquarters, killing three.
79 2019-07-26Burkina FasoDiblou1514Jihadists murder fifteen villagers and burn their market.
80 2019-07-26IraqTaza29Two brothers are eliminated by Mujahideen shrapnel.
81 2019-07-26IraqBaiji13An Islamic State bomb at an amusement park kills one patron.
82 2019-07-26AfghanistanKuran10A captive of ISIS is beheaded in front of children.
83 2019-07-25NigeriaDalori22Islamists fire into a refugee camp, killing two displaced persons.
84 2019-07-25AfghanistanKabul827An Islamic State suicide bomber massacre eight civilians including five women and a child.
85 2019-07-25AfghanistanKabul720A Fedayeen suicide bomber blows himself and seven others up at a bus stop.
86 2019-07-25AfghanistanKhogyani94Six woman and three children are slaughtered by Taliban bombers while on their way to a wedding.
87 2019-07-24AfghanistanTakhar3713Thirty-seven Afghans are reported dead following a terror attack on a checkpoint.
88 2019-07-24AfghanistanKabul12A suicide bomber kills a Croatian.
89 2019-07-24SomaliaMogadishu79A female suicide bomber tries to assassinate a mayor, killing seven others.
90 2019-07-24IraqZweirig20A man and his nephew are murdered by the Islamic State.
91 2019-07-23IraqSinjar20Two Kurds are killed resisting an Islamic State attack on their village.
92 2019-07-23AfghanistanFarah42A Taliban attack leaves four dead.
93 2019-07-23DRCOicha Mabasele94An Islamic group hacks nine innocents to death, including two children.
94 2019-07-23ThailandMuang Pattani40Two civilians are among four people shot point-blank at a checkpoint by Muslim terrorists.
95 2019-07-23AfghanistanPaktika24A 10-year-old child is among two people vaporized by Taliban bombers.
96 2019-07-23SomaliaWanlaweyn63al-Shabaab hit a passing bus with a nail-bomb, killing six passengers.
97 2019-07-22DRCEringeti30ADF Islamists murder three villagers.
98 2019-07-22SomaliaMogadishu1728A Shahid suicide bomber goes off outside a hotel, sending seventeen souls to Allah.
99 2019-07-22SyriaQadam10A civilian is obliterated by an Islamic State car bomb.
100 2019-07-21Saudi ArabiaJizan22Ansar Allah claims an attack that leaves two dead.
101 2019-07-21PakistanDera Ismail Khan930A suicide bomber accompanied by gunmen carve up the entrance to a hospital.
102 2019-07-21YemenDar Nasser21Two children are disassembled by an Ansar Allah rocket.
103 2019-07-20AfghanistanKhost20Two local cops are gunned down in cold blood by fundamentalists.
104 2019-07-20SudanKabra67Arab militia fire into a village, killing six residents.

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