List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 132
Killed: 635
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2019-09-17AfghanistanParwan2642A Shahid suicide bomber makes a bloody mess of a political rally, killing over two dozen.
2 2019-09-17AfghanistanKabul2238A Fedayeen suicide bomber self-detonates at a city square, laying out twenty-two commuters.
3 2019-09-17ItalyMilan01An arrival from Yemen shouts Allah Akbar as he stabs a soldier guarding an Italian train station.
4 2019-09-16AfghanistanGhazni15Militants target a bus carrying students, killing the driver.
5 2019-09-16IraqKut20A suspected ISIS gunman smokes two civilians with a handgun.
6 2019-09-15AfghanistanKariz Sheikhan50Five women and children are dispatched by Islamic bombers.
7 2019-09-15IraqDaquq22Mujahideen bombers pick off two Iraqis.
8 2019-09-15SomaliaBalad53Five people traveling along an agricultural road are obliterated by al-Shabaab bombers.
9 2019-09-15Syriaar-Rai1223Terrorists blow up a food truck outside a healthcare center, killing a dozen.
10 2019-09-15SomaliaShalanbod24Two passersby lose their lives to an Islamist IED.
11 2019-09-14SomaliaQoryoley90Islamists use an RPG and heavy machine-guns to dispatch nine people.
12 2019-09-14SomaliaMarka20A well-placed mortar round by al-Shabaab claims two civilians.
13 2019-09-14SomaliaBalad140Fourteen AU peacekeepers are ambushed and killed by a group fighting for Sharia.
14 2019-09-14Egyptel-Arish32Fundamentalists open fire on a police checkpoint, killing three members.
15 2019-09-14SomaliaGololey30Islamic radicals take out three passersby with an IED.
16 2019-09-14YemenHodeida110Six members of a family are among eleven civilians murdered by Ansar Allah.
17 2019-09-13YemenSalih20Two children are reduced to pulp by an Ansar Allah rocket.
18 2019-09-13AfghanistanDamani90A heinous attack by Taliban in uniform leaves nine dead.
19 2019-09-13PakistanSpin Wam10Religious extremists shoot a security guard to death.
20 2019-09-13PakistanDir31Three members of a border patrol are laid out by Muslim gunmen.
21 2019-09-13CameroonSoueram69A half-dozen border guards are murdered by Boko Haram.
22 2019-09-13IraqShura11A vegetable seller is shredded by Mujahid shrapnel.
23 2019-09-12NigeriaBorno70An attack on three towns by Boko Haram leaves at least seven dead.
24 2019-09-12AfghanistanChahar Asyab43A Fedayeen suicide bomber claims four Afghans.
25 2019-09-12SomaliaDinsor53Two children are among five exterminated by an al-Shabaab landmine.
26 2019-09-12PakistanQuetta538Women and children are among the casualties of a Tehreek-i-Taliban bomb blast.
27 2019-09-11SomaliaMogadishu13al-Shabaab send mortars into a residential area, killing one.
28 2019-09-11SyriaTabaqa100The Islamic State claims an attack that leaves ten dead.
29 2019-09-10IraqHumayra10A shepherd is vaporized by a Mujahid IED.
30 2019-09-10NigeriaGudumbali927Nine local security personnel are left dead following an attack by Muslim radicals on their base.
31 2019-09-10KenyaElwak520Five border guards are laid out by an al-Shabaab rocket barrage.
32 2019-09-09SyriaRaqqa20Two civilians are brought down by armed terrorists.
33 2019-09-09NigeriaMallam Kaleri32Boko Haram open fire on villagers, bringing down three.
34 2019-09-09AfghanistanImam Sahib103Ten local cops are killed during a series of Taliban assaults.
35 2019-09-09IraqSalahia16Mujahideen plant a bomb along a road, killing a passing farmer.
36 2019-09-09Burkina FasoSoum60A violent attack by Jihadists leaves six dead.
37 2019-09-09NigeriaShamawa50Five farmers are shot to death in their fields by an Islamic group.
38 2019-09-08IraqKarbala10A Shiite pilgrim is discovered shot in the head.
39 2019-09-08AfghanistanGhazni10A civiian is shot to death by Islamic militants.
40 2019-09-08Burkina FasoBarsalogho156Jihadists plant a mine that kills fifteen traders.
41 2019-09-08Burkina FasoSanmatenga144An Islamist ambush on a convoy carrying food to refugees leaves fourteen dead.
42 2019-09-08IraqKirkuk18Suspected ISIS plant three bombs that kill one civilian.
43 2019-09-08SomaliaMahaday53Five people lose their lives to an al-Shabaab bombing.
44 2019-09-08CameroonTalkoumri40Four villagers are abducted and murdered by Boko Haram.
45 2019-09-07IndiaSopore03A brutal attack by Lashkar e-Toiba on a fruit vendors home leaves a 2-year-old girl severely injured.
46 2019-09-07IraqMosul20A bomb left in a house kills two sappers.
47 2019-09-07PhilippinesIsulun07Islamists place a bomb at a market that causes eight casualties.
48 2019-09-07IraqSamara10A civilian is reduced to paste by a bomb left inside his vehicle.
49 2019-09-07IraqMukhisa10An unarmed farmer is shot to death by courageous lions of Allah.
50 2019-09-06AfghanistanFarah215Two civilians lose their lives to an attack by a group fighting for Sharia.
51 2019-09-06NigeriaKamuya13Islamic militants fire on a security patrol, killing one member.
52 2019-09-06AfghanistanKabul10Insurgents shoot an armed man along a city street.
53 2019-09-05NigeriaGajiram40Islamists fire into a village, killing four.
54 2019-09-05SomaliaAfgoye50Five people are reported killed following an al-Shabaab attack at an agricultural town.
55 2019-09-05SomaliaAwdhegle35Three civilians are obliterated by an Islamist landmine.
56 2019-09-05AfghanistanKabul1242A Shahid suicide bomber slaughters twelve outside a busy diplomatic area.
57 2019-09-05Burkina FasoSoum60A half-dozen local security personnel lose their lives to a Jihadist ambush.
58 2019-09-05IraqTikrit50An Islamic State attack leaves five dead.
59 2019-09-05AfghanistanLogar411Four civilians are pulled into pieces by Taliban shrapnel.
60 2019-09-05PakistanPishtakhara10Terrorists shoot a female health worker to death.
61 2019-09-05PakistanQuetta110The Tehreek-e-Taliban is suspected of a bomb attack that kills a rescue worker.
62 2019-09-04IraqShoura130Thirteen women are discovered in a mass grave following Islamic State execution.
63 2019-09-04NigeriaGajiram20Two civilians are killed during a Boko Haram raid.
64 2019-09-03MaliMopti1424Women and children are among fourteen bus passengers sent to Allah by Jihadi bombers.
65 2019-09-03AfghanistanTakhar110Eleven locals are machine-gunned by the Taliban.
66 2019-09-03IraqGohbali10A Yazidi woman is picked off with a silencer-equipped firearm.
67 2019-09-03AfghanistanKerraj20Two local cops succumb to injuries following a Taliban bomb blast.
68 2019-09-02AfghanistanKabul16119A massive suicide blast targeting foreigners leaves at least sixteen dead.
69 2019-09-02AfghanistanAlishing56Five civilians are disintegrated by a Taliban rocket.
70 2019-09-02AfghanistanKashak20Sunni radicals use an IED to aerate two passing civilians.
71 2019-09-02AfghanistanRegi10A government employee is assassinated by a fundamentalist group.
72 2019-09-02AfghanistanKhonyan63Armed fundamentalists ambush a local security patrol and kill six members.
73 2019-09-02SomaliaMogadishu24An early-morning suicide blast leaves two dead.
74 2019-09-01IraqDabke10A refugee at a displaced persons camp is shot to death by terrorists.
75 2019-09-01IraqAbbara10Jihadis pick off a farmer with a planted bomb.
76 2019-09-01PakistanCharmang10A civilian is obliterated by a Tehreek-e-Taliban IED.
77 2019-09-01IraqShoala10A civilian is riddled with bullets by Mujahideen.
78 2019-09-01AfghanistanBalkh80Eight civilians are aerated with Taliban shrapnel - including women and children.
79 2019-09-01AfghanistanPul-e-Khumri420Four civilians succumb to injury following a violent attack by Sunni activists.
80 2019-08-31FranceVilleurbanne19An asylum seeker goes on a stabbing spree at a bus stop, killing one and injuring nine others because they "do not read the Quran."
81 2019-08-31NigeriaGidan Waya40Four farmers working their crops are beheaded by Religion of Peace proponents.
82 2019-08-31AfghanistanKunduz3085Approximately thirty others are killed when the Taliban overrun a city, starting with a suicide blast.
83 2019-08-31IraqAman Ali50Five members of a family, including three children, are slaughtered in their home by Holy Warriors.
84 2019-08-30NigeriaBalumri42Islamists cut the throats of four villagers.
85 2019-08-30Burkina FasoTongomael15A Jihadist attack leaves one dead.
86 2019-08-30IndiaParimpora10Terrorists shoot a 65-year-old shopkeeper to death.
87 2019-08-30NigeriaMonguno85Islamists hurl grenades at a security patrol, killing eight members.
88 2019-08-30YemenAden60An Islamic State suicide bomber claims six souls.
89 2019-08-30PakistanGulshan-i-Iqbal10A Shiite doctor is gunned down in a sectarian attack.
90 2019-08-30IraqSinjar130An grave is uncovered containing the victims of thirteen religious minorities executed by ISIS.
91 2019-08-30IraqQara Teba10Terrorists bring down a civilian in a hail of bullets.
92 2019-08-29NigeriaAttaka85Militant Muslim attack a farming community and kill mostly women.
93 2019-08-29IsraelBethlehem10An aspiring makeup artist is tortured and beaten to death by her brother for shaming the family by posting a video with her fiancé.
94 2019-08-29IraqDabatiya41Four members of a tribal defense group are ambushed and killed by ISIS.
95 2019-08-29IraqGarma47Mujahideen shoot four Iraqis to death.
96 2019-08-29NigeriaKiri50Five Christian villagers are killed by militant Muslims, who also destroy homes.
97 2019-08-28AfghanistanRubat-e-Sangi149Attacks by the Taliban leave fourteen dead outside several villages.
98 2019-08-28AfghanistanKandahar20Two women are brutally murdered by armed fundamentalists.
99 2019-08-28AfghanistanKharopate36Three children are disassembled by a terrorist rocket.
100 2019-08-27Burkina FasoKaurao30Three civilians make easy pickings for Jihadi gunmen.
101 2019-08-27Pal. AuthGaza20Two police officers are obliterated by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.
102 2019-08-27Pal. AuthGaza10Another police officer is killed in a second Salafi suicide attack.
103 2019-08-27IraqKhanaqin20Two Iraqis are cut down by Mujahid gunmen.
104 2019-08-27YemenKataf2520Over two dozen local security personnel lose their lives to an Ansar Allah attack.
105 2019-08-27AfghanistanJalalabad13A university dean of arts is sent to Allah via a magnetic bomb.
106 2019-08-27NigeriaWajirko110Eleven construction workers laying fiber cable, are neatly gunned down by Boko Haram.
107 2019-08-27AfghanistanGareda Serai10A tribal elder is assassinated in front of his home by an Islamic group.
108 2019-08-26IraqKatun al-Rahma10Islamic State shrapnel claims one life.
109 2019-08-26IndiaTral20Jaish-e-Mohammed members abduct two minorities, brutally killing them in captivity.
110 2019-08-25IraqKirkuk20A Christian mother and daughter are murdered by suspected ISIS.
111 2019-08-25SomaliaHadan13One person is laid out by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
112 2019-08-25SomaliaMogadishu10A former politician is blown to bits by Islamist bombers.
113 2019-08-25IraqDaquq619Sunnis fire a mortar round into a soccer match near a Shiite shrine, killing six.
114 2019-08-25AfghanistanZabul67Six local police are killed in an unprovoked attack by the Taliban.
115 2019-08-25AfghanistanCheshma-e-Sher13A local council member is abducted and murdered by a religious group.
116 2019-08-25CameroonWum71A Bible translator is among seven hacked to death by Fulani terrorists.
117 2019-08-24AfghanistanMidan Barra Khana21A group fighting for Sharia kills two civilians with a well-placed motorcycle bomb.
118 2019-08-24SyriaIdlib211Mujahid car bombers take out a pair of civilians.
119 2019-08-24PakistanDera Ismail Khan23Islamists on motorbikes attack a checkpoint, killing two passersby.
120 2019-08-24NigerGueskerou125A late night assault on a village by Boko Haram leaves a dozen dead.
121 2019-08-24NigeriaNganzai421Islamists raid a village, kill four residents and kidnap twenty-one others.
122 2019-08-23ThailandThung Yang Daeng10Suspected insurgents assassinate a civilian on his way home.
123 2019-08-23IsraelDolev12Terrorists plant a bomb at a spring that kills a 17-year-old girl and badly injures another teen.
124 2019-08-23IraqMusayib334Thirty-seven casualties are reported when Jihadis bomb a market near a Shiite mosque.
125 2019-08-23IraqBabil435Religious radicals set off a bomb outside a row of shops, killing four.
126 2019-08-22SyriaAleppo714At least seven civilians are killed by a sustained mortar attack and suicide bombing.
127 2019-08-21NigeriaGubio10One person loses their life to a Boko Haram attack on a village.
128 2019-08-21MaliHombori53Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam Muslimeen members ambush and kill five local security personnel.
129 2019-08-21IndiaGanie-Haman11Lashkar-e- Toiba militants gun down a local cop.
130 2019-08-20AfghanistanBaghlan-e-Markazi10A man is kidnapped and murdered by a fundamentalist group.
131 2019-08-20AfghanistanFirouz Koh21A man and his son are murdered by the Taliban.
132 2019-08-20AfghanistanKala Shamir20A Taliban IED shatters two lives.

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