List Of Islamic Terror Attacks
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In Last 30 days,
Number of deadly Islamic terror: 99
Killed: 433
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Islamic Terrorists
have carried out more than
Deadly Terror Attacks
Since 9/11/2001
1 2019-12-05DRCOicha30Three villagers are murdered by ADF Islamists.
2 2019-12-05PakistanCharkhel23Tehreek-e-Taliban attack a local security base and kill two members.
3 2019-12-05AfghanistanKandahar10A man is shot to death by two terrorists on motorcycles.
4 2019-12-04AfghanistanKandahar10Taliban shrapnel claims one life.
5 2019-12-04SyriaKaljibrin1013Eight children and a woman are among ten disassembled by a Hayat Tahrir al-Sham mortar round.
6 2019-12-04IraqDiyala34An Islamic State attack produces three Kurdish bodies.
7 2019-12-04AfghanistanJalalabad60Six aid workers are machine-gunned by Religion of Peace advocates.
8 2019-12-03IraqBaghdad10Militia kidnap a young Kurdish activist and shoot her in the head.
9 2019-12-03Syriaal-Wadihi13Hayat Tahrir al-Sham hit a 6-year-old boy with a rocket.
10 2019-12-02DRCOrototo110Eleven villagers are massacred by ADF radicals.
11 2019-12-02MaliDiougani27A local security patrol is hit with a Mujahideen bomb blast that kills two members.
12 2019-12-02AfghanistanAlishing13A fundamentalist group sends a mortar round into a neighborhood, killing a resident.
13 2019-12-02AfghanistanKabul23Terrorists open fire on a passing vehicle, killing two occupants.
14 2019-12-02ChadLake Chad43Four border guards are cut down by Islamists.
15 2019-12-01IraqIslah16The Islamic State attacks a small village, killing one resident.
16 2019-12-01IraqJalaway416An ISIS attack on an oil facility kills four guards.
17 2019-12-01YemenAden10A criminal investigator is assassinated by al-Qaeda.
18 2019-12-01Burkina FasoHantoukoura143A barbaric attack on a church leaves fourteen dead.
19 2019-11-30IraqSilo10A local cop is gunned down at his post by Islamic State loyalists.
20 2019-11-30AfghanistanMarjah13A journalist is among the casualties of a Taliban bomb blast.
21 2019-11-29DRCKukutama140ADF Islamists hack to death or behead fourteen innocents at a small village.
22 2019-11-29PakistanChauburji012Ball-bearings rip into passersby as a bomb goes off on a rickshaw.
23 2019-11-29IraqGarmiyan38Two children are among three liquidated when ISIS sends shells into a small town.
24 2019-11-29AfghanistanSar-e-Pul013A Taliban car bomb goes off in a residential neighborhood.
25 2019-11-29EnglandLondon23A radical Muslim stabs two young people to death on the London Bridge, one a woman and the other a graduate student.
26 2019-11-29IraqShuhada20Two village guards are smoked by ISIS gunmen.
27 2019-11-28AfghanistanDarqad810Eight defenders are killed during a Taliban attack on a local security base.
28 2019-11-28DRCBiakato46Four health workers are killed by suspected ADF.
29 2019-11-27DRCMaleki280Twenty-eight civilians are killed and mutilated by an Islamist group. Some were beheaded.
30 2019-11-27NigeriaBabbangida12Boko Haram fire randomly into a village, killing a toddler.
31 2019-11-27AfghanistanImam Sahib152Fundamentalists hit a wedding party with a well-placed bomb, killing fifteen members - including a dozen women and girls.
32 2019-11-27IraqDaquq20A man and wife are assassinated by ISIS gunmen.
33 2019-11-26IndiaBadasgam27Islamists throw a grenade into a meeting, killing two civilians.
34 2019-11-26IraqAbi al-Khasib10Suspected Shiite militia shoot a civilian to death.
35 2019-11-26IraqBaghdad69Six innocents at a market are blown to bits by a Religion of Peace motorcycle bomb.
36 2019-11-26IraqBayaa26Two people bleed to death following a Mujahideen bomb blast.
37 2019-11-25PakistanTank20Islamic militants target a passing car with a bomb, killing a man and his son.
38 2019-11-25IraqUhlila20Two victims of sectarian violence are discovered tortured to death.
39 2019-11-24AfghanistanTeora12A group of religious radicals fire on a group of police, killing one.
40 2019-11-24DRCBeni80Eight civilians are massacred by the ADF.
41 2019-11-24AfghanistanMakrorayan15A grenade hurled at a UN vehicle kills an American aid worker.
42 2019-11-24IraqIslahiyah58An ISIS attack kills two civilians and three first responders.
43 2019-11-23SyriaAin Issa422Four villagers are killed during an attack by an Islamist group.
44 2019-11-23AfghanistanDaykundi84A group of fundamentalists storm a security post and kill eight members.
45 2019-11-22IraqRasheed21Two local cops are ambushed and killed by the Islamic State.
46 2019-11-21Burkina FasoSahel30Three lose their lives in two separate attacks by militants.
47 2019-11-21AlgeriaTamanrasset80The Islamic State claims eight kills over a 24-hour period.
48 2019-11-21SyriaAleppo733Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members send rockets into a city, killing seven civilians.
49 2019-11-21Burkina FasoTabankort130Thirteen more al-Qaeda victims are discovered.
50 2019-11-21PakistanWahi Pandi10A girl is stoned to death after a jirga authorizes the honor killing.
51 2019-11-20Burkina FasoArbinda17An attack by armed fundamentalists leaves one victim dead.
52 2019-11-20NigeriaTor-Musa11A woman is shot off a motorcycle by Muslim militia.
53 2019-11-20AfghanistanNimroz10A border guard is picked off by radicalized snipers.
54 2019-11-20SyriaKah84Eight refugees are killed when Shiite militia send rockets into their camp.
55 2019-11-20AfghanistanKunduz135A Taliban attack on a local security base leaves thirteen dead.
56 2019-11-20IraqAbi Gharq10A former official is assassinated in front of his home.
57 2019-11-20AfghanistanKabul10Jihadists on motorbikes shoot dead a journalist.
58 2019-11-20IraqZgheitoun31ISIS members ambush and kill three local cops.
59 2019-11-20AfghanistanKhost13A bomb set off at an intersection by fundamentalists claims a crossing guard.
60 2019-11-19EgyptSheikh Zuweid14The Islamic State kills one person with a roadside bomb.
61 2019-11-19DRCMavete314The lives of three villagers are claimed by ADF Islamists.
62 2019-11-19DRCBeni72Seven people are cut down by Islamic terrorists.
63 2019-11-19IraqMosul10A village mukhtar is assassinated by Mujahideen.
64 2019-11-19TurkeyDiyarbakir10A Christian evangelist is stabbed to death on the street.
65 2019-11-19CameroonTourou10A 12-year-old Christian boy is hacked to death for refusing to join Boko Haram.
66 2019-11-18MaliTabankort2429An al-Qaeda-linked group attacks a local security patrol, killing two dozen members.
67 2019-11-17NigeriaSong60Six are left dead after Boko Haram drive-by attack from camel-back.
68 2019-11-17NigeriaGwoza30An explosive fired by Islamic extremists claims three lives.
69 2019-11-17EgyptSheikh Zuweid34Jihadists Kill three local cops with a roadside bomb.
70 2019-11-17EgyptNassiriya03A family is stabbed after being told that they cannot sit outside their house because they are Christian.
71 2019-11-17DRCMavivi-Kainama252Twenty-five civilians are slaughtered in a wave of attacks by the ADF.
72 2019-11-16DRCKebi keba70Seven Pygmies are murdered during a raid by ADF Islamists.
73 2019-11-16DRCMbau80A group fighting for Sharia kills civilians and burns their homes.
74 2019-11-16AfghanistanQara Bagh22Two prosecutors are shot full of holes by Islamic radicals.
75 2019-11-15ThailandMae Lan21A toddler is injured by insurgent gunmen who murder her grandparents.
76 2019-11-15IraqMosul10A civilian is shot to death by suspected extremists.
77 2019-11-15AfghanistanWarsaj40The Taliban ambush and kill four local cops along a remote highway.
78 2019-11-15IraqBaghdad630A half-dozen are blown up by a bomb planted on an ambulance at a demonstration.
79 2019-11-14PakistanPeshawar11Taliban open fire on a passing car, killing a passenger.
80 2019-11-14NigeriaAgom20An 87-year-old is among two church members hacked to death by Muslim militants.
81 2019-11-14YemenAden320A suicide bomber clears out a city street.
82 2019-11-14DRCOicha63A man and his five children are slaughtered by ADF Islamists.
83 2019-11-14AfghanistanKhan Abad40Four Afghanis are machine-gunned by the Taliban.
84 2019-11-14NigeriaAgban40Four members of the Seventh-day Adventist church are hacked to death by Fulani mercenaries.
85 2019-11-13DRCVirunga20Two park rangers are murdered by suspected ADF.
86 2019-11-13SomaliaAdayga20A government official and his aide are shot to death by al-Shabaab activists.
87 2019-11-13YemenMarib612A suspected Ansar Allah rocket claims six Yemenis.
88 2019-11-13MozambiqueNgongo67Islamists open fire on a group of civilians, bringing down six.
89 2019-11-13IndonesiaMedan06A suicide bomber self-detonates, causing six other casualties.
90 2019-11-13IndiaTral10Terrorists on a motorcycle gun down a shopkeeper.
91 2019-11-13AfghanistanKabul1220Three children are among a dozen civilians leveled by a Taliban bomb.
92 2019-11-12AfghanistanAli Shir40A prosecutor is among four killed in a roadside blast.
93 2019-11-12YemenTaiz30An intense attack by Ansar Allah leaves at least three other dead.
94 2019-11-12PakistanNorth Waziristan31Militants use an IED to kill three members of a security patrol.
95 2019-11-12AfghanistanJurm20Two interior officials are assassinated at a small village.
96 2019-11-11Saudi ArabiaRiyadh03A woman is among three performers stabbed on-stage by a suspected fundamentalist.
97 2019-11-11SyriaQamishli770Bombs set off near a café and a church leave seven dead.
98 2019-11-11SyriaDeir Ezzor21A Catholic priest and his father are shot to death in cold blood by the Islamic State outside a church.
99 2019-11-11EgyptHasafa30Three village guards are cut down by Muslim radicals.

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